Aug 22, 2019

Josh / NYC Boys Never Have A Bored Day

Josh lives in the city now, so I don't see him often, but we do try to squeeze in some shots every time he is back home. Unfortunately this last time I was really struggling with lighting. It was a dark evening with a really odd orange haze that made the street lamps outside my windows cast a pink light throughout the apartment. It sounds kind of cool, but it was not a very good for photos. I am still learning how to adapt to different lighting situations and get more comfortable with balancing the settings on my camera...I basically considered this shoot a fail. But through the passing months I have revisited the photos and they have grown on me a bit. I mean, Josh looks amazing (how could he not?) and I'm just going to accept that this isn't the best of my skills. I still wanted to share because I think they have a moody and almost vintage appeal to them, and if you don't like that...just focus on Josh's body :)

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