Nov 15, 2017

Matt / Warm November Vibes

It's been such a warm november, if it weren't for the leaves on the ground you wouldn't hardly believe it was autumn. I'm not complaining though, I want to hold onto these warmer days while they last. I'm not a fan of the snow or ice at all.

Oct 20, 2017

Joe / Editorial Shoot

This dude is fucking cool. Joe studies fashion and creates a lot of his own clothing, and kicks ass at it.   These photos were a joint collab between he and I to showcase his style and some pieces he made. Totally stoked with how they turned out! We'll be shooting again sometime soon!

Oct 7, 2017

Joseph / Shooting on a Sunday

Appologies for the long hiatus, things have been crazy busy. That's good though. I love these photos Joseph and I got while hanging out one Sunday. The impromptu photos seem to always be my favorite. Enjoy! Much more to come soon!

Sep 24, 2017

Matt / First Day of Fall

Who the hell isn't excited about the first day of fall? I must admit that it didn't quite feel like fall - it was 92 degrees out and Matt and I both received multiple mosquito bites.

Sep 7, 2017

Chance / Hometown Boy

I would run into Chance around town all the time and we have quite a few mutual friends. This was our first time actually hanging out - stripping in front of the camera is a pretty great icebreaker (ha). Really though, this was the start of a really awesome friendship and I love how the photos turned out!

Sep 5, 2017

Tyler / 806 East Walnut

My old place, apartment 5, was my first apartment on my own. Honestly it was a shitty little studio, but in a great location and I made it my own. One day Tyler came over.
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