Sep 24, 2017

Matt / First Day of Fall

Who the hell isn't excited about the first day of fall? I must admit that it didn't quite feel like fall - it was 92 degrees out and Matt and I both received multiple mosquito bites.

Sep 7, 2017

Chance / Hometown Boy

I would run into Chance around town all the time and we have quite a few mutual friends. This was our first time actually hanging out - stripping in front of the camera is a pretty great icebreaker (ha). Really though, this was the start of a really awesome friendship and I love how the photos turned out!

Sep 5, 2017

Tyler / 806 East Walnut

My old place, apartment 5, was my first apartment on my own. Honestly it was a shitty little studio, but in a great location and I made it my own. One day Tyler came over.

Sep 2, 2017

Jared / Daddy Vibes

I'm so excited that Jared and I finally managed to make our schedules match up for a short time to get some shots together. I've been wanting to photograph him ever since he became my hairstylist many years ago. Unfortunately we only had time to shoot for about an hour, so there aren't too many shots this time. But I can't wait to share more when we shoot again!
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