Aug 21, 2019

Ben / At Home With

I received an insta message from someone a long time ago asking me how I liked living in Springfield. This person was being relocated here for work but wanted another gay man's perception of the area. Fast forward a few months and I run into my new neighbor in the hall of our building and he introduces himself as Ben, the guy who had messaged me! He had no idea he had moved into the same building! It's a small world, but even smaller here in the midwest. We've become friends in real life and I finally got to see inside his loft. I loved all of his plants so much, we did a photoshoot there. This actually started a series of shoots that I've been doing of people in their own spaces and I love how they are turning out. I will be sharing the other shoots too and hope to continue the series. For now, here's Ben in his cool urban forest that he's created here in downtown.

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