Sep 23, 2019

One Quiet And Rainy Afternoon

What can I say? When you schedule a shoot and it starts raining, there's obviously nothing else to do but stay inside and play with inhalants. That's almost a joke. Poppers are dangerous, kids. Everything in moderation though, amyl right? See what I did there? The goal here isn't to glamorize amyl nitrates, but to show an intimate look at a very common thing that we don't like to talk about. Live your life, fuck responsibly, and be careful, Colby loves you.


Sep 11, 2019

Evan / At Home With Pt. 1

I'm not sure that I've ever met someone as polarizing as Evan. It seems you either love him or hate him. I think he likes it that way, but behind the tough facade is a warm and funny guy. Before our first shoot I had not spent much time around him, actually I had really only seem him behind the counter at Starbucks where he's a barista. Some of his friends have modeled for me, and he was curious but hesitant. I found this funny coming from a guy who had a reputation for liking attention...When he finally said he was up for a shoot, I was thrilled. I knew he would photograph wonderfully (bone structure, am I right?) and I would get to know more about him. He was a natural on camera and willing to take risks. When he completely undressed it was clear to me why he's a little cocky sometimes...It will be clear to you too if you keep scrolling. But before only oogling him for his sizable uncut dick (though he certainly doesn't mind), I ask you to remember that he's also a genuinely nice person with a lot to say. I learned that he has an interest in art, history, music, and nature. He likes to explore and find the beauty in everything, even in his own backyard. Don't let his crass, offensive, and sarcastic Facebook statuses fool you, he's really a sensitive guy.


Sep 2, 2019

Jake / Like A Beauty Queen

Eeey, look who's back. I love this dude, guys. Jake and I met years ago when he lived here in the midwest, he's since been all over and it's exciting watching his journey. When he was in town last, we hung out and these are some shots I got during his visit. I think my favorite thing about Jake is his adventurous and free spirit. He's an open book and completely confident in himself without being cocky - a rare thing to be sure. Check out the photos and enjoy!

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