Mar 18, 2022

Riley / All Eyes On You

One of the great things about shooting is getting to meet new people. Riley reached out after a mutual friend showed him a shoot we did together. Riley was a natural in front of the camera and we were able to get so many great shots. Cheers to new friends!


Mar 10, 2022

Oliver: Fuzzy Bunny

 I'm not sure how many times I've shot Oliver, it's been quite a few. I always enjoy how easy going he is and how he's pretty much down for anything. These shots are a little taste of some shots I got of him using flash - check out that pink hair <3<3<3


Jan 3, 2022

Zachary Pt. 1

This is our second time hanging out and shooting. I didn't really have an idea or direction, but Zach was game to just figure it out as we went. These are some of my intial favorites, but I always have new ones after taking a second, sometimes third, look at my memory card.


Jan 2, 2022

Dylan Pt. 1

Better late than never? I was excited to get to shoot with long time friend, Dylan, for the first time in many years. Unfortunately the lighting was against me and so was time, so I only got a few shots that I really enjoyed. I am hoping to go back through this shoot with fresh eyes later, but for now take a look!

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