Dec 29, 2019

Chad / Baby Don't Hurt Me

Let me be the first to admit that I am a pretty vanilla person in bed. No reason besides that I haven't experimented much - I'm not opposed to it, but it seems to me that many people are. This got me thinking about my queen, Madonna, and her Erotica album. Released in 1992, Erotica is still one of the most controversial albums ever made. The album doesn't just ooze sexuality and bring sexual taboos to the mainstream, but it makes the listener its fucking sub. At the time the world wasn't ready for such a sexually charged work of art, and the fact that Madonna was a woman didn't help either. Yes, women's sexual liberation was well underway before Madonna, but it was a first example of a mainstream artist demanding you to shut up and open wide.

Fast forward to 2020 and we're still a sexually stunted society. Some people would see these images and cry "pornography" - not something I'm a stranger to hearing. But I could not disagree more. People scare easily, and they've been raised to be ashamed of their bodies and sexuality. I'd like this series to help normalize those things...if you want to be cuffed to a damn bed and whipped like a pig, I hope that you are brave enough to ask for what you want instead of judging others for getting it.

"If you're afraid, we'll rise above. I only hurt the ones I love."


Oct 10, 2019

Benji / At Home With

Benji is no stranger to my camera. We've shot together quite a few times, but never in his own home. This is part of an ongoing series that I have been working on with people in their own spaces. I love the added element of storytelling being in new environments has added to my portfolio. Because I had never seen his place before this shoot, I wasn't sure what to expect or prepare for. The challenge of shooting in an unfamiliar place was a welcome one. I liked the casualness and spontaneity of these shots, and I don't think that would have happened if I had been in the space before. As for Benji, I think we captured his personality wonderfully.

Sep 23, 2019

One Quiet And Rainy Afternoon

What can I say? When you schedule a shoot and it starts raining, there's obviously nothing else to do but stay inside and play with inhalants. That's almost a joke. Poppers are dangerous, kids. Everything in moderation though, amyl right? See what I did there? The goal here isn't to glamorize amyl nitrates, but to show an intimate look at a very common thing that we don't like to talk about. Live your life, fuck responsibly, and be careful, Colby loves you.


Sep 11, 2019

Evan / At Home With Pt. 1

I'm not sure that I've ever met someone as polarizing as Evan. It seems you either love him or hate him. I think he likes it that way, but behind the tough facade is a warm and funny guy. Before our first shoot I had not spent much time around him, actually I had really only seem him behind the counter at Starbucks where he's a barista. Some of his friends have modeled for me, and he was curious but hesitant. I found this funny coming from a guy who had a reputation for liking attention...When he finally said he was up for a shoot, I was thrilled. I knew he would photograph wonderfully (bone structure, am I right?) and I would get to know more about him. He was a natural on camera and willing to take risks. When he completely undressed it was clear to me why he's a little cocky sometimes...It will be clear to you too if you keep scrolling. But before only oogling him for his sizable uncut dick (though he certainly doesn't mind), I ask you to remember that he's also a genuinely nice person with a lot to say. I learned that he has an interest in art, history, music, and nature. He likes to explore and find the beauty in everything, even in his own backyard. Don't let his crass, offensive, and sarcastic Facebook statuses fool you, he's really a sensitive guy.


Sep 2, 2019

Jake / Like A Beauty Queen

Eeey, look who's back. I love this dude, guys. Jake and I met years ago when he lived here in the midwest, he's since been all over and it's exciting watching his journey. When he was in town last, we hung out and these are some shots I got during his visit. I think my favorite thing about Jake is his adventurous and free spirit. He's an open book and completely confident in himself without being cocky - a rare thing to be sure. Check out the photos and enjoy!


Aug 22, 2019

Josh / NYC Boys Never Have A Bored Day

Josh lives in the city now, so I don't see him often, but we do try to squeeze in some shots every time he is back home. Unfortunately this last time I was really struggling with lighting. It was a dark evening with a really odd orange haze that made the street lamps outside my windows cast a pink light throughout the apartment. It sounds kind of cool, but it was not a very good for photos. I am still learning how to adapt to different lighting situations and get more comfortable with balancing the settings on my camera...I basically considered this shoot a fail. But through the passing months I have revisited the photos and they have grown on me a bit. I mean, Josh looks amazing (how could he not?) and I'm just going to accept that this isn't the best of my skills. I still wanted to share because I think they have a moody and almost vintage appeal to them, and if you don't like that...just focus on Josh's body :)
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