Apr 5, 2020

Instagram Selfie Project

Most of us are stuck at home - for good reason - and spending a lot of time connecting on social media. This gave me the idea to host a selfie challenge for my followers. The idea was to have people take a selfie from their home that made them feel beautiful and confident. I would take those photos and edit them for my blog then encourage everyone to connect with each other. There weren't any rules about the selfie, whether it was a self timer or classic mirror snap was totally up to them. People from all over the world and from all different types of backgrounds sent me their selfies. You'll see different ages, body types, and races. All of these people are quarantined at home and I think it shows that we are truly in this together globally. I've linked each person's selfie with their instagram account and I encourage you to follow them! Lastly, thank you to all you beautiful people who participated! Stay well everyone!
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