May 20, 2019

Micah / Backyard Shooting

Micah and I have shot together a few times in the past. I've also been in front of his lens, he has taken some of my favorite shots of myself. He's a fellow Springfield photographer that I am always inspired by. It's a funny feeling shooting another photographer, especially when you think they're far more talented than you. I wouldn't describe the feeling as nervousness, but I do find myself second guessing things in those situations. That being said, this shoot was really laidback and simple - the magic of the shots comes from Micah just playing around and me capturing it. I'm stoked we were able to get so many shots that I love considering we shot for just about an hour. We were joined by a swarm of mosquitos and decided to stop while we still had blood left in us. Also, major props to Micah for sacrificing his nutsack to the mosquitos. Sorry, bro.
More photos below

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