Jan 4, 2019

Alex / In Branson We Trust

Many people of heard of Branson, but few have been there. Before I had ever ventured there myself, I had thought of Branson as smaller Las Vegas, but without gambling or the ability to drink on the streets. I was wrong about Branson being like Vegas, though I did see a few drunks roaming around. In many respects, these two very different cities have some resemblance...lots of shows, amusement parks, and a weird amount of hotels. That being said, you have to take Branson for what it is...total kitsch. Alex and I took a random day trip just for a change of scenery. I snapped a few photos while we explored, and these are my favorites. Would I recommend a visit to Branson? Sure, so long as you're located within 45 miles like I am.   Ride some go-karts and get your putt-putt on. Read on to see more photos!

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