Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instagram Canvas DIY Project

I love the instagram app for many reasons, but I have always thought that it was such a shame that the photos I took could only be viewed digitally. There are so many fantastic ways to make your instagram photos into art for your house, and today I am sharing a very simple project that I came up with to display your favorite IG photos.

Step 1: Print out the IG photos you wish to use. I selected them at random for this project, but am working a themed one too. To print easily, I put my photos into a word document and printed in color on regular computer paper. Step 2: Cut out your prints and arrange them in the order you want to apply them to the blank canvas. Step 3: Apply a thick coat of puzzle glue to the blank canvas using your paint brush [I used Modge Podge $4]. Step 4: Apply your prints one at a time and brush the puzzle glue liberally over the top of your prints. The glue will dry clear and leave a shiny laminate that I think looks really cool. You can expect the images to wrinkle and crease some as they dry, I love it because it adds texture and character. Step 5: Now wait to dry for an hour, then find a place to display your new artwork!

Have fun creating your instagram masterpieces! -Colby Kern

Design by Colby Kern .
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