Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instagram Canvas DIY Project

I love the instagram app for many reasons, but I have always thought that it was such a shame that the photos I took could only be viewed digitally. There are so many fantastic ways to make your instagram photos into art for your house, and today I am sharing a very simple project that I came up with to display your favorite IG photos.

Step 1: Print out the IG photos you wish to use. I selected them at random for this project, but am working a themed one too. To print easily, I put my photos into a word document and printed in color on regular computer paper. Step 2: Cut out your prints and arrange them in the order you want to apply them to the blank canvas. Step 3: Apply a thick coat of puzzle glue to the blank canvas using your paint brush [I used Modge Podge $4]. Step 4: Apply your prints one at a time and brush the puzzle glue liberally over the top of your prints. The glue will dry clear and leave a shiny laminate that I think looks really cool. You can expect the images to wrinkle and crease some as they dry, I love it because it adds texture and character. Step 5: Now wait to dry for an hour, then find a place to display your new artwork!

Have fun creating your instagram masterpieces! -Colby Kern



I like! looks so easy to make!


Awww, I am so doing this!


This is so cool! I can't wait to try it myself

Alex Vega

Thanks for your comment!:D
Lovely work!! I'm following you in instagram! my username: @alexv92 :)

Everyday I like more your blog!



Such a fantastic idea! My phone is an android unfortunately and takes awful quality photos. Hopefully I can upgrade soon. I would love to make one of these :]


oh you read "Slam"?
did you like it?
if you haven't, i think you should read "Juliet, Naked".
cool Instagram Canvas, by the way.


Did you see that Elsie copied your DIY? She just posted it on her blog and gave no credit to you. What a friend.


Did you notice Elsie copied you on her blog? That or your minds are terribly in sync. Hopefully it's not the latter.


I can't believe that Elsie copied you! Not cool. :(


So silly that Elsie did the same thing. I would like to think she came up with it herself, but I don't know. : / I like yours! So much cheaper and easier to print out four on a piece of computer paper instead of doing the original prints.






What a bummer that Elsie has to copy other bloggers just to have content for her blog. Colby your DIY is way better.

Cliff Tuna

WOW thanks for this, you're amazing!


I'm obsessed with this. Thanks for the amazing DIY.



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Melissa at bubbyandbean.com

This is fabulous! Can't wait to try it!


Great idea. I'm gonna do this too when I got the time. I just found your blog and I like it alot. I'm following you from now on !!


Mikey S.

I love this so much!!!


It doesn't matter who posted what when. It's a great idea and I'm sure a million other people had the same idea! :)

laura killgour

This is such a neat idea! I do blogs about printing instagram pictures so its nice to see inspiration on how they can be displayed!

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